Blue Lobster: The Rarest Lobster in the World

price of a blue lobster

Lobsters are a popular seafood dish, but they are not all created equal. Some lobsters are more rare than others, and those lobsters can command a high price. One of the rarest lobsters in the world is the blue lobster.

What is a blue lobster?

A blue lobster is a genetic mutation of the American lobster. It is caused by a lack of a pigment called astaxanthin, which gives lobsters their characteristic red color. As a result, blue lobsters have a blue shell and blue claws.

price of a blue lobster

How rare are blue lobsters?

Blue lobsters are very rare. It is estimated that only one in 2 million lobsters is born blue. This makes them even rarer than albino animals.

What factors affect the price of a blue lobster?

The price of a blue lobster can vary depending on several factors, including:

Size: Larger blue lobsters are typically worth more than smaller ones.

Quality: The quality of the meat also affects the price.

Location: Blue lobsters are typically sold for more in areas where they are less common.

Demand: The demand for blue lobsters also affects the price.

The highest price paid for a blue lobster

The highest price ever paid for a blue lobster was $50,000. This lobster was caught off the coast of Massachusetts in 2011.

Where can you buy a blue lobster?

Blue lobsters are typically sold at seafood markets and restaurants. They can also be found online.

Can you eat a blue lobster?

Yes, you can eat a blue lobster. They are said to have a slightly sweeter flavor than regular lobsters.

What do you do with a blue lobster?

You can cook a blue lobster just like you would a regular lobster. The meat is typically used in lobster dishes such as lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and lobster tail.


Blue lobsters are a rare and unique delicacy. They are typically sold for much more than regular lobsters, but they can be a fun and memorable addition to any meal.

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